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Shadowy 3D-Models - Avalon-Series.

Last update: 09.10.2006

Hello visitor.

The Avalon series becomes a greater project. Avalon is the name of a space station which happens in my story. The corridors and elevator system of the "MX series" also are part actually of the "Avalon series" but it is mainly all about the "space station bridge" here now.

In the near future I become some elements of the space station bridge, as a model to download provide. The central room is circular in the basic form and has a diameter of 60 metres! It is subdivided into two main levels.

Seven work stations which are roofed over by a transparent dome respectively are located in the lower level. There are four workplaces within this work station. The main bridge is on the upper level with the captains workplaces. This is provided here also as the first model.

I will provide the main head office only as an OBJ file for the time being since I the still must revise something at.

The pictures correspondingly do not show the ready plant either.

The pictures I have made with the free 3D-Modeller DAZ Studio 1.3.1 under use of various other programmes. I have created some of the models with Wings 3D, after that I have imported them into the DAZ Studio.

best regards and happy rendering.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If the respective licence file particularly does not forbid it, then the models also may be used for producing commercial pictures.

It is not permitted to sell my models, particularly the obj-files, or parts of it!

The obj-files only then may to a new package be summarized if:
1. This packs arisen so is also free. (At least for the private user!)
2. I am named as an originator of my files.

At a commercial use of the models is a donation to me is possible about Moneybookers, but not demanded.


For comments and suggestions to the 3D models you can also use the Shadowy-Forum or contact me over e-mail.

09.10.2006 - A technical workstation

This work station which is roofed over by a transparent dome is one of seven (like: navigation, astronomy, communication) they are are located in the lower level. There are four workplaces within this work station.

Downloads:The workstation ZIP file " (4.6 MB)".

07.10.206 - The captains workplaces

The captains workplace is on an increased pedestal in the middle of the bridge. These are two workplaces! One for the captain and one for the first officer. The workplaces for the other bridge garrison are arranged in the semicircle in front of the captains workplaces. Pleas Download the Seat Character (cr2), if you need, separately. Only the Seats as Props are include!

The captains workplaces ZIP file " (4.2 MB)".
The Seats ZIP file ""

Picture of the space station bridge

I would be pleased about pictures which you have made under use of my models. I love SF-Pictures! But please only send when I may show it in the Shadowy-Gallery e-mail.