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Shadowy 3D-Models - MX-System.

Last update: Sunday the 01.10.2006

Hello visitor,

here you can find the "SF-Corridor System MX" Moduls.
I have designed the modules so that they can very easily be joined together. At present, the system consists of the modules Gang_M1, Gang_M2, Kreuzgang_M1 and the Schott_M1.

I still have a AG-Lift-Station (Anti-Gravitation-Tube) fitting the modules, too.
So that you can determine the measurements of the modules I have corresponding pictures in the folder "/Runtime/Readme" deposits. The measure are in centimetre!

As an extension I have got another three Bulkheads ready now. Bulkhead "Schott-M0" does not have any window, bulkhead "Schott-M2" almost only consists of glass and bulkhead "Schott-M3" has a large window. You find the pictures below on this page.

The pictures I have made with the free 3D-Modeller DAZ Studio 1.3.1 under use of various other programmes. I have created some of the models with Wings 3D, after that I have imported them into the DAZ Studio.

best regards and happy rendering.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If the respective licence file particularly does not forbid it, then the models also may be used for producing commercial pictures.

It is not permitted to sell my models, particularly the obj-files, or parts of it!

The obj-files only then may to a new package be summarized if:
1. This packs arisen so is also free. (At least for the private user!)
2. I am named as an originator of my files.

At a commercial use of the models is a donation to me is possible about Moneybookers, but not demanded.


Please - for comments and suggestions to the 3D models you can also use the Shadowy-Forum or contact me over e-mail.

The MX Stuff:

Gang_M1 is a simple corridor with a hexagonal cross section.

The corridor Gang_M2 has on the left and on the right a door, it otherwise is identical with Gang_M1. These doors can be opened about ytran.

The bulkhead module Schott_M1 consists of the frame and a bipartite gate, these doors are also mobile.

The crossroads module Kreuzgang_M1 is a simple module with four connectivities for the modules Gang_M1, Gang_M2 or Schott_M1.

Example: So that you can determine the measurements of the modules I have corresponding pictures in the folder "/Runtime/Readme/" deposits. The measure are in centimetre!

Example: For this picture I have used Gang_M1, Gang_M2, Kreuzgang_M1 and the module Schott_M1.
Please click on the picture for a larger image.

Download: All four models are in the ZIP file "".

Extension Package 1

The bulkhead module Schott_M0 has no Window.

The bulkhead module Schott-M2 consists for the most part of glass.

The bulkhead module Schott-M3 has a large window.

Download: All three models are in the ZIP file "".


The lift station consists of crossroads with three connections for speeds of the MX-System and the real anti gravitation tube. A door at the side leads to a stairwell. Of course to the connections also fit the bulkhead of the MX-System. It often makes sense for a scene to put two lift stations under each other so that the tubes seem general.
Different elements of the lift station like ceiling, east wall and west wall can be hidden for the better representation. In the picture the ceiling is hidden.

Download: The AG-Lift-Station ZIP file "".

The KryoStation

The KryoStation is part of my "MX" series. The corridors and Bulkheads of this series therefore match also here. This look consists of three main modules:

  • The KryoMedLab (cr2) with the main entrance and altogether seven niches. The walls of these niches can be hidden when required.(practical for rendering complicated views).
  • The KryoHalle (pp2) is a long room (25 metres). 40 KryoTanks can be put in it in altogether 4 rows. "KryoHalleA" is the completely empty room and "KryoHalleB" contains the floor rails for the KryoTanks. The KryoTanks are also pp2 files.
  • Ebene2 (cr2) is ordered over the MedLabor and the KryoHalle. One can down looked into the MedLab from a gallery. Three big windows also permit a look down into the KryoHalle. At some example pictures the ceiling is hidden.

Download: The KryoStation ZIP file "" (5 MB).

I would be pleased about pictures which you have made under use of my models. I love SF-Pictures! But please only send when I may show it in the Shadowy-Gallery e-mail.